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Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex
  • Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex
  • Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex
  • Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex
  • Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex
  • Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex
  • Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex

Supratex Naturalex Mattress | Multilayer | Natural Latex

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Naturalex's Supratex model is one of the most breathable mattresses on the market at a very affordable price. Thanks to its multi-layer system, its two sleeping surfaces, and the 7 comfort zones, it supports all areas of your body for a 100% restorative sleep.

Available in all sizes: Single/Queen/Double/King/Superking and EU Standards.

Mattress Dimensions: EU SIZE 2'3 x 6'3 / 70cm x 190cm
Comforts: Firm
Height: 18 cm

Mattress Supratex

Firmness Breathability Adaptability

The Supratex model is a Naturalex premier mattress that has benefited from five years of research and development of an innovative Blue Latex® multilayer solution. It has been designed to offer the best possible value for money and provides perfect support for a 100% restful sleep. For all these reasons, this model continues to be a star product in the Essentiel range.

Multilayer structure of 7 comfort zones., ensures the necessary firmness and support for a refreshing rest.

The Supratex mattress promises you incomparable comfort, coziness and reception. In fact, it is composed of a new multilayer system that allows an excellent suspension for an optimal useful life, as well as a satisfactory support suitable for all physiques. Your nights will be better thanks to the high quality of its manufacturing materials.

Winter Side :

  • FibraFeel V300fibers which allow the mattress to regulate perspiration thanks to its cool sensation and its high moisture absorption..

  • A layer of the new ultra-breathable memory foam MemoFeel V30. It offers the mattress a medium comfort with a soft reception and a balanced support between flexibility and firmness. The open cellular structure of the HQ foam allows good ventilation of the material.

  • Bi-alveolar latex of high resilience, high elasticity and high density of 70kg/m3 present in the composition of the mattress that allows it to follow the curves of your body for excellent dorsal support. The 7 different support zones in this anatomical mattress will offer you long restorative nights!


  • Its AeraPur HQ polyurethane core has benefited from a recent evolution, and the membranes that make up its cells have multiplied. The result is a lighter, more tonic, more reliable and therefore more effective material. It loses very little elasticity even after ten years of use, so it will guarantee your good comfort in the long term.

Summer Side :

  • FiberFeel V300 fibers for optimal regulation of perspiration during the summer thanks to the cool sensation it provides and high moisture absorption.

  • The MemoSoft V30 foam, a new ultra breathable material for a soft reception and optimal comfort. The Blue Latex® guarantees you a soft welcome and a very comfortable sleep. The mattress accompanies the movements of your body during sleep as it creates less pressure on the body than other mattresses of the same category.

Reversible, it offers a breathable 3D fabric on the summer side, and a winter side with a thicker double stretch Deluxe extra soft fabric, warm in winter and cool in summer, to provide optimal comfort during any night.

The AirFresh technology on the summer face allows a perfect circulation of air and avoids the concentration of any kind of humidity on the bedding.

Blue-Latex® System. Available in four comforts, from balanced to very firm.


The winter side is made with an extra soft AloeTouch Deluxe double elastic fabric. With a superior finishes quality and resistance to offer you the most placid nights.

Technology based on the juxtaposition of the AeraPur HQ polyurethane core (30 to 38 kg / m³) with bi-alveolar latex of the latest generation, of high resistance, elasticity and density (70 kg / m³) that gives you perfect and balanced support, and provides a «tailored» solution for your back which avoids compression points.

The Fibrafeel V300 is a fibre that respects the environment. Much more than cotton production. It is a biodegradable material and its use allows the mattress to regulate perspiration thanks to the sensation of freshness that it provides and its strong moisture absorption.

Polyurethane layer (20 to 30 kg/m³) formed by very open alveolar pores that allow air circulation and moisture evacuation in the mattress. This support material adapts to all types of morphologies.

Why choose
this model?

7 Confort Zones

Thanks to its structure with 7 different zones, this mattress will offer you a soft reception and a firm support for every part of your body.

Independent Surfaces

The independence of beds will allow you and your partner to move and change positions during the night without causing discomfort.

Reversible Mattress

The Supratex model is reversible, on both sides and from head to toe, to better take advantage of its properties.

Adaptable to Electric Beds

With its thickness of 17 cm, it adapts perfectly to articulated or electric beds.

OPTIMAL quality certified

Oeko-Tex® Certified

The fabrics used in the manufacture of Naturalex® mattresses are all certified free of toxic substances by Oeko-Tex®

Hypoallergenic Treatment

All the materials used in the manufacture of Naturalex® products have been subjected to hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial treatments.

Air Fresh System

Equipped with the Air Fresh system that allows perfect air circulation between all the fabrics and avoids the concentration of humidity in the mattress.




Data sheet

17 cm
General Characteristics
✔️7 Sleeping Areas
✔️ Adaptable to Electric Beds
✔️ Bed Independence
HQ Foam
Latex Technologies
Blue Latex®
Latex D70
Foam Technologies
❤️ Memofeel V30
Fiber Technologies
✔️Fibrafeel V300
Textile Technologies
Airfresh Technology
✔️ AloeTouch fabric
✔️ Hypoallergenic
✔️ Oeko-tex® Certified
✔️ Anti-Mites
✔️ Anti-bacteria
✔️ Hypoallergenic
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