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At OUTLETSOFADIRECT , we're here to help guests and hotels choose the best mattress for their hotels and / or hostels of all types.

Our mattresses come directly from the factory , which is why you will find the best prices without any middleman.

At OUTLETSOFADIRECT , our main concern is to be able to offer you a 5 star service . Over the course of our many years of experience, we have supplied a large number of hotels and hostels of all types, representing to date more than 500 establishments, all over Europe.

If you need to renew the mattresses in your hotel , inn, lodges, country house or any other type of hotel establishment, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: info@outletsofadirect.fr

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"Made-to-measure" mattress:

Among our collection, you have the choice of the model and the necessary measure. All models are available and in all sizes.

Free Shipping:

No matter how many products you need, shipping your mattresses is always completely free.

Experts at your service:

For any questions, you can contact our experts at the following email address: info@outletsofadirect.fr

Can I get a personalized offer?

Can I get a personalized offer?

At OUTLETSOFADIRECT , all of our products come direct from the factory, there are no middlemen, no showrooms, and no additional costs.

This allows us to cut costs on all fronts and bring you high quality mattresses at the best possible price. But it also means that we are already offering mattresses at extremely discounted prices, so we cannot give further discounts on a personalized offer. If you go for the highest tier and take advantage of PACK1 , you are already buying at a price close to the cost of production.

What type of mattress are you looking for?

What type of mattress are you looking for?

We offer all kinds of mattress ranges to meet the needs of each type of hotel establishment. From 1 to 3 stars, from 4 to 5 stars, large luxury hotels, as well as all types of inns, lodges, campsites and guest rooms.

All the mattresses have been designed by major brands in the sector, represented in particular by Naturalex ® and Cosmos® Bedding , who have created their products with the comfort of their users always in mind.

All fabrics and materials used are certified by Oeko-Tex ® , guaranteeing the non-use of substances harmful to health during production. Sleep in peace with the 10-year manufacturer's warranty, proof of the excellent quality of our mattresses. 100% durable and hygienic comfort!

With direct ex-factory sales , you'll find what you're looking for at the best price, without having to compromise on quality or durability.

Youth hostels, lodges, pension:

In our basic range, you will find mattresses with a height of between 15 and 17 cm. Their flexibility and great adaptability allow them to adapt to any type of box spring including electric beds and to all body types.

1-3 star hotels, shared apartments.

In this range, you will find mattresses with a height of between 18 and 21 cm, integrating viscoelastic on one side. Their medium firmness ensures ideal comfort and maximum adaptability to all types of guests.

4 star hotels, airbnb, vacation home.

This more advanced range is made up of mattresses with a height ranging from 23 to 25 cm. Memory foam mattresses made of materials with anti-stress and therapeutic properties. This exceptional range will seduce all your guests!

4 and 5 star hotels

A high-end selection, with mattresses 25 to 30 cm thick. Designed to offer maximum adaptability and comfort, the models incorporate memory foam on both sides with technical anti-stress and back pain properties, such as graphite and carbon.

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