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ERGOLATEX Mattress - Memory Foam & Blue Latex - 7 Zones - Reversible - 100 Nights Trial - Firm Comfort

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Key points:
done Lively comfort and Firm support for optimal rest.
done Softer and refreshing sleep during warm summer nights!
done Enjoy better sleep comfort with 7-zone support.
done Sleep independently without disturbing your partner!
done Oeko-tex warranty for a chemical-free mattress.
done Protection treatment: Anti-dust mite, Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic.
done Embrace the change. Rediscover uninterrupted nights.

ERGOLATEX Mattress - Memory Foam & Blue Latex - 7 Zones - Reversible - 100 Nights Trial - Firm Comfort

92.54 € 238.00 € Save 61% *
Size :
Height :
Delivery time: 6 - 8 days

Icono envio Delivery time: 6 - 8 days


Because the Naturalex brand aims to provide quality, comfortable, and durable mattresses to as many people as possible, the Ergolatex multilayer model with progressive firmness has been developed with this goal in mind. And with success!

Reversible and equipped with 7 dynamic Comfort Zones adapted to the morphology to better support different parts of the body, this mattress with progressive firmness benefits from Naturalex's multilayer latex and memory foam system, ensuring firm support regardless of body size. It offers firm support and a soft welcome.

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Winter side:

Thick and insulating AloeTouch® Double stretch luxury extra soft fabric.

A layer of the new ultra-breathable MemoFeel V30® foam. It provides the mattress with medium comfort with a soft welcome and well-balanced support between softness and firmness.

For perfect flexibility, incorporation of the latest generation of high-resilience bi-alveolar latex with high elasticity and High Density of 70 kg/m3.

Thermosoft® viscoelastic foam. Reduces pressure points and offers perfect ergonomics to the sleeper's body.

7-zone support thanks to the incorporation of MAX-FOAM V35® HR high-resilience foam of 35 kg/m3: perfect for adequate support of the body and accompanying your movements at every moment. Maximum breathability.

ECOFEEL 15 gr TNT fabric: increases breathability, facilitating heat-free sleep due to its high porosity.


Thick core of high-elasticity AreaPur® HQ foam. Offers excellent quality of independent and anatomical support. The HQ (High Quality) resilience of this material limits the risk of sagging despite years of use.

Summer side:

A layer of ultra-breathable MemoFeel V30® foam is found in the summer side cover but also in the winter side.

2 zones of Gel Fresh® viscoelastic foam (from the 20 cm version): provides a very pleasant therapeutic and relaxing sensation during summer nights.

Airtex3D® fabric providing a cooler reception and better moisture and heat evacuation that may accumulate in the mattress.

ECOFEEL 15 gr TNT fabric: Increases air ventilation, offering optimal breathability to the mattress and facilitating rapid heat dissipation.

Air Fresh® technology on the summer side ensures perfect air circulation and prevents the concentration of any type of moisture in the bedding.

The cover of this model is certified free of toxic substances by OEKO-TEX®.

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4 essential advantages of our mattress


What hides beneath your mattress

Firmeza frFirmeza fr

Leading-edge technologies in our mattress

Maximum guaranteed quality


done Oeko-Tex® Certified

The fabrics used in the manufacturing of Naturalex mattresses are all certified as free from toxic substances by OEKO-TEX®.

done Hypoallergenic Treatment

Exclusive antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments in the fabrics and covers that minimize the risks of allergies.

done Air Fresh System

Breathable system that ensures optimal ventilation of the mattress. This technology facilitates moisture evacuation and significantly increases the lifespan of the mattress.


done Without intermediaries

Mattresses direct from the factory.

done Reduced costs

Thanks to the elimination of distribution margins.

done Guaranteed quality

Quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

done Outlet Exclusivities

Special offers thanks to factory direct sales.


Data sheet

The Expert's choice
Very Good
Winter side ticking composed of :
1 - 100% Polyester fabric
2 - 3 mm Memory Foam layer
3 - Polyurethane foam (20 to 23 kg/m3)
4 - Polyurethane foam (20 to 23 kg/m3)
5 - Latex, band of 10 cm, 70 kg/m3
6 - 2 Bands of Foam, 35 kg/m3
7 - 15 g TNT Fabric
8 - Foam Core (20 to 38 kg/m3)
Summer side ticking made of :
9 - 15 g TNT Fabric
10 - Polyurethane foam (20 to 23 kg/m3)
11 - 3 mm Memory Foam layer
12 - 3D 100% Polyester fabric
Mattress type
Memory Foam Mattresses
Apr 4, 2024

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Matelas choisi facilement en affinant mon profil acheteur. Reçu en.moins d'une semaine, utilisé depuis 3... un vrai bonheur

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Package delivered in very short times. Very solid packaging. Mattress matching the order

Verified Review

Mattress chosen easily by refining my buyer profile. Received in less than a week, been using it for 3... a real joy.

Verified Review

Great mattress for the price, this is the 3rd one I've bought and never disappointed. Plus, delivered quickly, I recommend it.

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We are very satisfied with this company. We were delivered on time and the material is excellent.

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done Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

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